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Published on 26.08.2022

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We make sure that you are constantly taking advantage of the most competitive rates in the market. We continuously into account the market situation and we assure you an irreproachable service. 

It can be concluded that there is no significant difference between energy prices are fixed and variable. If you have chosen our company to advise you and guide you in your choice, you no longer have to worry about it!

Is there a difference between energy prices are fixed and variable ?

We often ask the question of whether it is preferable to opt for a fixed price or variable. We leave this choice to the client itself, because it is not always easy to predict if the price goes up or down in the next few months, but if we take into consideration the current situation due to COVID-19, and the war in UKRAINE, it is clear that it must be based on a fixed formula, or semi-fixed, everything will depend on the offers of the moment.

Variable price of energy

A variable price of energy will change throughout the year depending on the type of listing with which the provider works. If the market price falls, you will benefit from the price reduction. Some vendors will tell you that some formulas variables are more advantageous than others, and they are absolutely right because actually, the types of quotation play a crucial role in the construction of your prize.

If you opt for a variable price, you pay the same amount to deposit each month. Your invoice regularization takes into account a weighted average of the variable price of energy over the period in question. This is calculated on the basis of different types of consumption and, depending on the index used.

Fixed-price energy

If you have decided to enter into a contract at a fixed price, this price will not change for the duration of your initial contract. 

By choosing a fixed price, you have a bit more of a guarantee that with a variable price of energy (particularly in a period of instability after the closure of nuclear power plants), subject in the majority of providers, a higher profit margin made by the provider. 

Based on a fixed rate, this means that, despite any fluctuations in the market (increase or decrease) in the rate that you've signed rest BLOCK and FIXED.

The price of energy, what is it exactly ?

It is a rate determined by the energy supplier. We're not talking here about the costs of distribution, transportation, taxes, or of the amount of your monthly instalment, but much of the energy component. The price of energy is equal to the sum of the prices in the market and a certain margin decided by the provider. The market price is the price that an energy supplier pays to buy his energy producers. It is this component that energy suppliers can make all the difference as well as on the subscription or the fixed fee. The consumer may opt for an energy price fixed (for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 4 years) or variable. It explains the difference between these two rates below.

The monthly premium is a cost-negotiable and non-negligible, in view of some providers who benefit, it is usually between 24 and 48€/year vat not included