How to refresh naturally his house without air-conditioning in the summer ?

Published on 22.07.2022

Check out our 4 tips handy and simple to be cool of course your home in case of strong heat or heat waves.

1. Use a maximum of your house in the evening

Once the sun sets, when the air becomes more fresh and pleasant, open your doors and window by creating a current of air.

2. Limit the use of electrical appliances

The use of electrical appliances (hob, tv, game console, etc.) continually produce the heat that they are turned on or in standby. Therefore, avoid use in case of strong heat and do not let them connect unnecessarily, you will have more energy savings !

3. Realize the thermal insulation of your home

Whether you opt for the insulation of your walls and your roof, the thermal insulation of your home, you will preserve variances temperature and thus avoid the problems of loss of energy. Insulating materials absorb heat in the summer and protect them from the cold in winter.

4. Close your doors and window in the day and prevent heat and light back into your home

If you are equipped with shutters, curtains, or blinds, close the pending day. In fact, the outdoor temperature is higher than that of the inner.