The brokerage Powersave Charter quality and neutrality....

Published on 26.08.2022

Negotiating your contracts energy

As a pioneer in the energy business in Luxembourg, the objective n°1 of Powersave is to benefit companies, as well as the specific opportunities watch by the liberalisation of the energy market. The objective of the energy business is to find the contract to supply the most suitable to your consumer profile and this is thanks to the comparison of different providers and their competition.

Methodology of brokerage operations

  • You complete your details on our website and attach your electricity bill, gas &/or fuel oil.
  • We collect from the DSO to the technical data and the history of your consumption of your delivery point.
  • We are asking for different suppliers on the market and get for you the best the market has to offer that we will send you a document. Your broker tells you the benefits of each offer.
  • You select the most suitable and you will electronically sign the relevant contracts. We accompany you in all the steps of the subscription.

Our services for the duration of our mission

  • Interlocteur dedicated to : Your dealer is your single point of contact no. 1, he is at your disposal for the duration of your contract in order to answer any questions you may have.
  • Price Tracker : We follow for you the evolution of the market in order to seize the best time to renew or sign a new contract with a supplier.
  • Optimization : We check and follow your contract regularly in order to make the changes needed in terms of price, and thus avoid the renewals implied.

Our commitment to quality and neutrality & performance

Our brokers are trained regularly on the regulation, the evolution of prices on the luxembourg market, as well as the various provider offerings to always offer you the best advice.

We compare offers in a clear and perfectly neutral in adhering to the following principles :

  • The comparison shows the overall budget of the different offers in a year and the economy that you can carry out on the basis of your consumption. The overall budget includes only the tradable on the energy bill.
  • The comparison is based on your consumption forecast or actual, over the period of the provision in question, and for a period of up to + or +
  • We do not include it in the comparison that offers supplier partners. We can also include offers to the tariff "default" and the price of your contract, so you can compare more easily and thus follow the evolution of the budget devoted to your convenience.

Procedure for the selection of suppliers

According to the profile of consumption and for every specific need, we select suppliers offering all the guarantees of reliability and quality of service. We are negotiating with them to improve the conditions proposed in the long term.

Freedom of choice & Pay

Unless specifically provided otherwise agreed between us, our offers brokerage is for a period of 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years. Our intervention is 60€/year (excluding vat per meter electricity and 40€/year vat not included by gas meter. If none of the offers that we offer you is not what you want, you are free to contracts to be entered into otherwise. In order to establish a reliable comparison, we suggest you send us the offers that you have received directly.