Renegotiate your industry's energy contract

As the first energy broker in Luxembourg, Powersave consults with different energy suppliers ( electricity, gas, fuel) and provide you with a personalised offer at the most competitive rate.

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Industry ? Why consult an expert ?

In the context of the supply of electricity as well as gas, the role of the industrial energy expert is to help the company find the most competitive energy offer. To do this, the energy broker helps you to take stock of your needs.

Estimate the consumption needs of industry


Our objective is to budget and estimate the consumption in order to define the needs in terms of the energy budget that the industry requires.


Through budgeting and consumption estimation, we can help industrial companies to better anticipate the overhead costs of electricity and gas.


All these data guide your energy consumption. Indeed, the needs of industries are site-specific.

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Compare customised offers

Most energy suppliers offer tailor-made contracts for corporate and industrial customers. However, as each energy supplier is free to approach the industry, it is not always easy to determine the best offer.
That's why you should use PowerSave !
Beyond price, it will help you negotiate customer service terms and renewal clauses and this will allow you to make a well-considered and informed choice.